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More Information

More Information


This practice has a reminder system for preventative activities such as cervical screening, Flu vaccinations, diabetes checks, asthma reviews etc. This means you may be sent a reminder for such activities. Please inform the staff if you do NOT wish to be on the reminder system. The Government administers a pap smear and mammogram and also a Childhood Immunisation Register reminder system.

Home Visits & Nursing Home Visits

Home visits are strictly limited to special circumstances. Please call the surgery and discuss your needs with the doctor concerned.

Telephone calls to Doctors

Telephone calls are disruptive to the consultation process and contribute to delays in the appointment schedule. Only in the case of an emergency will a phone call be accepted. Office staff have been trained to assist patients with their enquiries and are able to communicate your needs to the doctor concerned. Copy of the policy is available on request.

Infection Control

All needles, syringes and instruments are either disposable or undergo the sterilization process in accordance with the National Standards Guidelines.

Personal Health Information

Your medical records and consultations within the practice are kept strictly and confidential. Your personal health information is only assessed by authorized staff and will not be released without your written consent. During the accreditation process, medical records are randomly selected for viewing by a GP for quality assurance purposes. If you do not wish for your records to be accessed please inform the doctors.

Behavior and Noise

We ask all patients to keep noise and unruly behaviour to a minimum and to consider the comfort of other patients. Children should be kept under constant supervision by the carer and the practice will not take any responsibility should any injury from rough play occur. Please turn off all mobile phones.


Referrals for new problems will be made after a consultation discussion with the doctor, who will then refer you to the appropriate specialist. These services may incur a fee please enquire at the time of your booking for such services.

Test Results

Reception staff are not permitted to give out results unless indicated by the treating doctor to do so. Your doctor will inform you at the time of ordering your test, as to how results will be issued.

Sick Certificates

A sick certificate is a legal document. The date of the commencement of the illness is the day you consult your doctor and as such, we encourage you to see a doctor on the day you require the certificate. Sick certificates cannot be back dated but the doctor concerned may issue a certificate of support if there is clinical evidence of illness.

Non Medicare

Work Cover and Insurance visits are billed to the patients and it is their responsibility to ensure the account is paid. The first visit requires a long consultation and will be billed accordingly. Once the practice is satisfied that a claim has been accepted then accounts will be sent to the insurer. A claim number is not an acceptance of the claim, it is only an acknowledgement that the claim is received. Not all doctors in the practice see Work-Cover & Insurance Motor Vehicle Accident clients. Please advise when making your appointment. Medical examinations for employment and insurance, heavy vehicle/dangerous goods driving license do not attract a Medicare rebate and will incur a fee. Please enquire with reception when booking

Saturday Morning Appointments

The practice policy is that all consultations are privately billed on Saturdays, including all concession/ pension card holders. This is to ensure Saturday appointments are kept for people who work during the week and emergencies. Please note all children under the age of 15 will still be bulk billed at all times.

More Information on Appointments and Fees

To obtain your rebate from Medicare you can either take your receipt to a Medicare office and receive cash back over the counter or we are able to electronically transfer the receipt to Medicare, therefore Medicare will post you a cheque. Medicare is also able to direct deposit your rebate into the nominated bank account details. If the consultation with your doctor indicates that you will require minor surgery, you will be asked to book a half hour appointment. This will incur a fee – please enquire with reception when booking.

Patients presenting with complicated medical conditions, new patients to the practice, two or more issues for discussion or presenting with Mental Health problems for the first time, should book a long appointment so that the appropriate time may be spent addressing such issues.

Antenatal clients will be bulk billed for pregnancy related visits up to and including the 2 and 6 week postnatal checks.

Full payment is required on the day of consultation. You may obtain your Medicare rebate instantly at the counter.  All we require is a card attached to your savings account for speedy reimbursement. If the consultation with your doctor indicates that you will require minor surgery, you will be asked to book a half hour appointment. This will incur a fee – please enquire with reception when booking.

If you or a family fail to attend or not provide adequate notice (minimum of 1 hr) for an appointment you will be issued an account of $30.00 for each appointment not attended.

Please refer to the patient rights and responsibilities document.